The tranquility deepens as you enter the gate. At Jiva Essentials, a specific course of treatments, which are in synergy with each other and reinforce the self-restoration system of the body are provided gingerly to the patients for their peace of mind.

The staff at Jiva Essentials makes sure that you are offered with the most delightful services. The especially designed programmes at our spa adheres to solve health problems that are triggered by stressful lifestyle. The therapies/massages provided at our spa are one of the best massages you’ll find in London. The massages at our clinics help our esteemed patients to experience the exuberance of  relief from pain and anxiety, helps in better sleep, & fatigue reduction. If you are suffering from any recent injury or long term pain, feel free to call us at 07490233217

Our clinic specialist Saif Abbasi is an eminent therapist in London who has helped hundreds of patients to have a better lifestyle by uprooting their pain/stress. He is extensively trained from some of the most leading universities in the country and have proficient knowledge in many fields .

After working for 8 years in Los Angeles, California, and a total of 12 years of patient care, he has developed a method, that includes, set of exercises and pressing of Marma, Acupressure and Acupuncture points in such way that it would just immediately relieves pain. He works with the lymphatic system, myofascial points and certain manipulation techniques just to get the system balanced and ease the pain.

Become a part of our story as you experience the luxury of each massage.