Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage is a deep yet the most relaxing acupressure and marma point based massage. The fatigue uprooting massage at Jiva essentials re-establishes the normal flow of energy in the body by unblocking vitally important areas of the back, neck and shoulders. It is also well noticed that there is reduction in the backaches and body pain around the shoulder, shoulder blades and neck. Moreover, during the massage, you will experience that the massage is not only putting your fatigue away, but is also relieving you from the mental exertions like stress and tension.

At Jiva essentials, we ensure that our clients are comfortable during their visit to our serene ambient spa. We also recommend this massage to the individuals with desk job that often complains regarding the aches and pains occurring sporadically in their neck and shoulders regions. The massage is also highly effective to treat the individuals who work on a till or the ones with long standing irregular hours. You should make a visit to our spa for a pleasurable experience.

People who work on a till

People with desk job


Individuals who work with long standing hours

PRICE: £90