At the Jiva essentials, the gracious energising massage has been designed by our eminent experienced therapists and meticulously shaped by our customer feedback. The hand picked organic rose essential oil will not only create a pleasant ambience but will also awaken your senses. The energising massage is an invigorating massage where the movements of our therapist hands encourage circulation, toning of muscles and refreshing you body in the most excellent way. The treatment will leave you the soothing feelings of being restored, refreshed and re-energised.

At Jiva essentials, the zenith comfort of this lucid treatment is achieved by coherenting marma, acupressure and ayurvedic massage techniques to offer you the most lively energising experience. This is an ideal treatment for the individuals who are fatigued, stressed, anxious. This jovial treatment can help them energise their body strength in the most conducive ambience. Experience this deeply relaxing blissful energising treatment at Jiva essentials today.

Individuals feeling fatigued

Office candidates who are stressed and anxious


People who are suffering from jet lag

PRICE: £90